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Weekly Zoom accountability club calls

Every participant in the accountability club shares their parenting, health, fitness, and personal growth goals and gives a brief. 5 minute update on their "wins and losses" for the week.

Each participant sets their own medium-term vision (on a parenting, health, or fitness topic) and chooses a few goals to work on to support the vision.


Participants encourage each other to keep working towards their goals and they help each other troubleshoot obstacles.

Dads can disclose as little as they want, based on their comfort level with the group. As you get to know the other dads, you'll get more comfortable sharing both "wins" and "losses". In fact, we can all learn just as much from hearing about challenges.


Some dads may only talk about parenting goals. Other dads may talk about their goals of eating healthier. Another dad might be focused on fitness targets. It's up to you.

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