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Being a dad is a great journey of discovery, as you learn about raising your child from a little "cub" to a tween, teen, and then young adult. There's lots of fun, but there's also lots of stress and challenges. 

In the 2020s, fatherhood is changing. Some of us are married or cohabiting, but others are single dads, divorced dads, blended families. As well, some of us are stay-at-home dads. Some of these situations can make being a dad more challenging. 

Dads need an opportunity to get together with other fathers to share their experiences, "vent" their frustrations with being a father, learn from others' experiences, and get exercise with other guys, and have a coffee and hang out.


The Ottawa Dads Walking Club (ODWC) provides dads with several ways to connect with other fathers, ranging from walking and jogging meetups to Zoom chats.


Founder and lead moderator

The founder, walk group leader, and lead moderator is Nathan Morris. He is the father of a teenage boy and girl. He has been separated from their mother since 2012.  


In the 2020s, inspired by parenting mentors who encourage dads to improve their parenting, be better role models for their kids, and find ways to connect with other men, he reflected on his experience raising his two kids.


He realized that when his kids were small, he would have benefited from having a way to connect with other dads in a relaxed outdoor setting. Nathan founded the ODWC to give local dads a chance to hang out with other fathers while getting light exercise. 

He is a public servant with the Government of Canada, where he has worked in a range of different departments and organizations, ranging from the Voluntary Sector Task Force and the National Homelessness Secretariat to Fisheries and Oceans Canada. He holds degrees from Ottawa U, Carleton U, and Syracuse U. At Syracuse U, he received a scholarship to complete a master's degree.

He launched the Zoom accountability club to create a space for dads to share their goals for parenting, health, fitness, and other related areas, and then "check in" every week, so they can share their stories of dealing with life's "speed bumps" and achieving successes.

  1. Treat other members with respect;

  2. Maintain confidentiality (members may sometimes choose to reveal private information regarding health issues or challenges), and;

  3. Abide by time limits (The time limits are in place to give every member the chance to speak and share their updates)

  4. Respect topic restrictions set by the moderator (The topic restrictions are to keep the discussions focused on topics related to ODWC goals)

Rules for respect, confidentiality, fairness, and focus


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